Welcome to Zemba Craftworks.

Zemba Craftworks is my hobbyist blog/channel/identity for crafty project videos, tutorials, and generally sharing whatever hobby I’m working on. I love to design things, make things, learn things, and fix things. Eventually, I started making videos about it because that’s fun too, so now I have a YouTube channel I guess. Common subjects include 3D printing, woodworking, and electronics — occasionally, all at the same time.

I try to use a tutorial style that makes projects approachable — describing & showing things in a way that hopefully makes you feel like you can tackle the same project, or at least entertains you for a few minutes. Above all else, I believe quality is important and I endeavor to make the kind of content I would want to watch.

If you’re not an expert craftsman, don’t worry – neither am I! If you ARE an expert craftsman, please feel free to share your knowledge and tell me what I’m doing wrong!

I upload much of my work under open source or creative commons licensing — 3D printable designs to Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory, photos to Unsplash, and lately even some sound effects to freesoundarchive. I hope you can use it. Creativity thrives in an open community.


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