Latest Projects

Below you can find some highlights of Zemba Craftworks’ latest project videos, assuming I remember to update the list!

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BIER: A Total Icon Replacement Pack for BeerSmith
July 2nd, 2019

BIER, the BeerSmith Icon Enhancement & Revision Add-on, is what happened when I started porting my recipes into BeerSmith. I started tinkering around with making replacement icons, and eventually I had replaced them all. Learn more here, including how to download and install.

Customizable 3D Printed Socket Set Organizers
January 7th, 2019

Customizable, modular organizers are a great application of 3D printing. This video details the design and fabrication of a custom tool organizer for storing socket sets of all shapes and sizes compactly and conveniently in your toolbox.

Trash Can Kegerator
May 23, 2018

Serve your beer on-the-go and from the tap with class. Sort of! This is my take on a Trash Can Kegerator. We’ll use a (clean!) trash can to keep your keg chilled in an ice bath, then add a bartop and draft tower to serve the beer. Easy to transport, easy to setup, and reasonably presentable. Buildable for $150 or less, and you’d never know you were drinking garbage beer, unless your keg is also full of garbage beer.

Remixing 3D Printed Mario Cartridge Cases
January 30th, 2018

Today, we’re remixing some Mario-themed Nintendo Switch cartridge cases to fit Nintendo 3DS and DS cartridges, as well as creating two new block designs. The video covers the use of OpenSCAD to make changes to an existing STL file, as well as 3D printing and assembly.

Electronic Doom Figure Build
November 14th, 2017

This build video showcases my quest to create an electronic Doomguy figure that can play the retro Doom theme — just like in the game when you discover one of the collectibles. It seemed an appropriate way to celebrate the recent release on the Nintendo Switch.

Kegerator Build with Fridge Teardown
October 1st, 2017

In this video, we’re making a two-tap draft tower kegerator out of a mini-fridge, complete with a teardown of the fridge to map out the coolant lines and find where it’s safe to drill. This kegerator design fits two 8.5″ diameter corny kegs and a 5 lb CO2 tank.